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We are a small publishing house focused exclusively on books that that kids love. Whether it’s a book that drops you off on platform 9 ¾, a book that tessers you through space, a book that sits in a treehouse or a book that shuts the door so you can walk out the back of the wardrobe, generations of kids have found adventure, friends and education in books.  Three Fourths Books was founded to provide more of these kinds of books so that kids can continue to enjoy where reading can take them.

Our Books

Targeted for 7-11 year olds

Carly, Theo and Will are average middle schoolers – until TimeForce Agent Ignatius P. Torres needs their help to fix history – or the world, and their own lives, will never be the same.  Join the trio as they race against the clock in the first of many adventures, repairing mysterious breaks in the timeline that could change our history forever.

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And Coming Soon: Book 3

Rewritten: The Travels of Marco Polo

Books take us anywhere we want to go

Thank you for your interest in Three Fourths Books, we are not currently accepting submissions.